The First 90 days - Leadership Books
  • Michael Watkins
  • 2003-01-01
  • 9780071425625
  • Business & Leadership

The First 90 Days is a book that provides strategies for new leaders to successfully transition into a new role. The book is written by Michael Watkins, a professor at IMD Business School and a renowned expert on leadership transitions. Watkins has also served as a consultant to organizations around the world, helping leaders navigate the challenges of taking on a new role.
One of the key themes of The First 90 Days is the importance of building a strong team. According to Watkins, a new leader's first priority should be to assemble a top-performing team that can help execute the leader's vision and strategy. This requires hiring the right people, setting clear goals and expectations, and providing ongoing support and development. Watkins also emphasizes the need to build relationships with key stakeholders and understand the informal networks and decision-making processes within the organization. This will help the leader navigate the political landscape and gain the support needed to achieve success.
In addition to building a strong team and understanding the political landscape, Watkins also stresses the importance of establishing a clear vision and strategy. This includes setting priorities, making decisions, and communicating your plans to your team and other stakeholders. Watkins advises new leaders to start by asking themselves the following questions:
* What are the key challenges facing the organization?
* What are the key opportunities for the organization?
* How can the leader's strengths and experience be leveraged to address these challenges and opportunities?
Once a new leader has identified the key challenges and opportunities facing the organization, they can begin to develop a vision and strategy for addressing them. This involves setting clear goals, identifying key initiatives, and allocating resources accordingly. It also involves making tough decisions and communicating your plans clearly and effectively to your team and other stakeholders.
In addition to building a strong team, understanding the political landscape, and establishing a clear vision and strategy, Watkins also advises new leaders to focus on continuous learning and self-assessment. This involves seeking out opportunities to learn from others, both inside and outside the organization. It also involves regularly assessing your own performance and identifying areas for improvement. By continuously learning and growing as a leader, you can stay current on the latest best practices and increase your effectiveness in your new role.
Overall, The First 90 Days is a valuable resource for new leaders looking to make a strong impact in their new roles. Watkins's strategies are based on extensive research and experience, and they have been proven to work in a variety of organizations around the world. Whether you are a new CEO, a department head, or a front-line manager, The First 90 Days is an essential guide that can help you succeed in the first 90 days and beyond.