Start with why - Leadership Books
  • Simon Sinek
  • 2009-01-01
  • 9780061971890
  • Business & Leadership

Start with Why is a business book written by Simon Sinek that explores the concept of "why" - the purpose, cause, or belief that drives an individual or organization. Sinek argues that organizations that start with why are more successful than those that do not, because they are able to inspire and motivate their employees and customers.
According to Sinek, there are three key components to every organization's message: what the organization does, how it does it, and why it does it. Most organizations focus on the first two components - what they do and how they do it - but they often overlook the most important component: why they do it. Sinek argues that organizations that start with why are able to differentiate themselves from their competitors and inspire others to take action.
One of the key examples that Sinek uses to illustrate this point is Apple. Apple is known for its innovative products and sleek design, but according to Sinek, the real reason that Apple is successful is because it starts with why. Apple's why is to "challenge the status quo and to push the human race forward." By focusing on this why, Apple is able to inspire its employees and customers to think differently and to create innovative products that change the world.
Sinek argues that organizations that start with why are able to create a loyal following of employees and customers, because they are able to inspire and motivate them to take action. On the other hand, organizations that start with what or how are unable to inspire and motivate others in the same way, because they are focused on external factors rather than internal values.
To help organizations start with why, Sinek suggests a number of strategies, including:
1. Identifying your why: This involves looking inward and determining the purpose or cause that drives your organization.
2. Communicating your why: This involves clearly and consistently communicating your why to your employees and customers.
3. Leading with your why: This involves using your why to guide your decision-making and leadership style.
Sinek also emphasizes the importance of building a culture that supports your why. This can involve hiring employees who share your why and creating systems and processes that align with your values. By doing so, organizations can create a culture that is inspired and motivated by their why.
Overall, Start with Why is a thought-provoking and inspiring book that challenges readers to think differently about their organizations and their own motivations. Sinek's ideas have been widely embraced by organizations around the world, and his book has become a classic in the field of leadership and management. Whether you are a CEO, a manager, or an employee, Start with Why is a must-read for anyone looking to inspire and motivate others to take action.